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  • Access to thousands of offers and promotions
  • Information on order status
  • Orders may be made at any time
  • Product promotion through the platform
  • Automatic take-over of invoices
  • Reports of purchase history
  • Access to e-learning projects
  • Communication with distributors and producers registered on the platform

What’s new

We talked to GoPharma users and we found out where the old platform did not match their workflow, but also what the expectations from a new version are, in terms of functionality and appearance.

Modern, simple and intuitive interface

The overall appearance has been radically changed. Any item that did not have a clear utility and all the aesthetic details that could have unnecessarily loaded the page have been eliminated.

We use simple light backgrounds, larger fonts and clearer colors, the pages are simpler and better structured, and the controls are all set in one place, where you would expect to click.

Simplified workflow

We have reduced to only what is strictly necessary the number of buttons and options displayed, so that you may find what you are looking for faster, regardless of the page on which you may be. The menu has been resized to the two key elements, orders and invoices, and the other items have been repositioned in the user details area.

We have simplified the interface of promotional packages so that both the benefits, and the purchasing rules of a product from such a package may be clear.

Attention to details

We know that in a table of products it is useful to see very clearly a series of key details related to price, promotions and stocks or additions recently made. Also, it is absolutely necessary to know the status of an order. These are the reasons why we have introduced a series of visual elements that would point out to all the information that you should know about a product, but also the status of the order.

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